¨       Provides pregnancy tests and information on pregnancy options, and parenting and financial management education. ¨       Will transport to doctor’s visits. ¨       Baby supplies and clothing, maternity clothes. Will not provide abortion referrals, but will refer to other related community services.
Home-based intervention services to help parents and care-givers. Work to reduce out-of-home placements of children due to abuse or neglect. Educational classes focusing on parenting for different ages of children.
Social organization for single professionals. Provides opportunities for singles to socialize, share ideas and interest in an informal setting at least once a week. Publish a monthly newsletter for members.
Provide mental health and substance abuse evaluation and treatment for children, adolescents, and adults. Individual, group, couple, and family therapy.
Drug and alcohol rehab treatment facility. AA & NA meetings onsite.
Adresses the problem of homelessness in Shenandoah County by giving interest-free loans to fmailies with children in crisis to pay a month's rent/mortgage (clients are expected to pay off loans). Operates an Emergency Shelter for families-clients must demonstrate willingness to participate in shelter program and take necessary actiosn to move ahead in life from homelessness to self-suffciency. Having transportation is highly recommended as there is no public transportation.
For Concern Hotline calls, dial any of these local numbers:
Clarke, Frederick, Winchester County
Shenandoah County
Page County
Warren County